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Totally toxic boot


Dropping your old boots off at a TWW store kick-starts a chain of events that totally contribute to saving the planet. 

Recycling is a process that takes used shoes, boots, tyres, and other products and turns them into high quality renewable resources. Here's how:

Step 1
Trucks arrive at the processing plant with loads of leather products like your old boots.

Step 2
Your boots are then sorted and grouped according to type - steel or non steel cap. 

Step 3
The products are cut up into small pieces and we separate the Synthetic Fibre, Steel and Rubber.

Step 4
The rubber component is then further broken down or ‘crumbed' into tiny granules.

Step 5
The separated components are then bagged and ready to be used in totally new products.

Imagine if you took your rubbish and just swept it under the carpet every day. Well that's totally what we do to the planet. According to a Pacific Brand Workboot Study in 2011, 3 million pairs of workboots are sold each year in Australia. Unfortunately a percentage of those end up in landfill. It's totally going to end in tears unless we stop this practice. That's where Save Our Soles steps in. They're totally green and their goal is to get us all recycling old footwear.

TWW are proud to partner SOS and totally want to help with this vision. SOS also has ongoing commitments from sporting wholesalers to support the program and is already recycling many of their faulty or old shoes. As we explore other uses for old boots and shoes, we expect that many other great products will be created from this ‘waste' product. While that's totally awesome, there's still plenty of work to be done but every contribution goes a long way towards saving the planet.

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